Information has never been more accessible and communication has never been easier than in the 21st century. But here we are, often only informed by one viewpoint and struggling to understand one another. As a nation and a world of nations, we are more divided over everything from ideas to values to our very definition of truth than most of us can remember.


For the American news media, sensational has become profitable. Punditry is substituted for debate, and opinions are given instead of shared. Discussion is frequently replaced by argument, and arguments replaced by insults. We’ve exchanged enthusiasm for the challenge that is achieving compromise for the exultation of one-sided triumphs in our politics and our conversation on our politics. It’s more important to be right than to be thoughtful and aware.

Not all of the contributors at Frankly share the same idea of what the future should look like. We don’t have the same views of the role of government, the American legacy, how the law should be applied, or the best uses of our tax dollars. We don’t come from similar backgrounds, work in similar professions, admire the same leaders and artists, or believe in the same god. Some of us are news junkies and some think that either music, discourse or laughter can save the world. But we are excited to construct something together on the strength of our differences- which we feel is distinctly American.

We believe that ideas are relative, but truth is not. We value principles, but reject partisanship, and acknowledge that people can only be persuaded, not forced, to change their minds. We want to put integrity and objectivity above satisfaction, even when it means having intense conversations about uncomfortable subjects and respectfully competing ideas.

Frankly brings you into the conversation. Wherever you come from, whatever you believe in and whoever you are, we think there’s a good chance you’ll share one important belief that we have in common: as citizens, thinkers and human beings, we can all do better than this.

We’re here to bring insightful content and communication to our readers, listeners and viewers. With a plethora of commentary on News, Politics, Culture, Satire and Music, Frankly Info presents something for everyone. These are exciting times, and the world is at your fingertips- in your pocket.

Why not see it from every side?

Our Story

Frankly Info is the brainchild of Joe Heath and Lucas Wozniak, who had so much fun working together at their college radio station that they couldn’t get over it and wanted to keep doing the same thing. The Frankly team is composed of station veterans and people with proud, nuanced perspectives that Joe or Lucas found unforgettable. Our voices come from all over the country and several parts of the globe, but our candor is proudly, politely Midwestern. We’re headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.