History does not truly repeat itself, but it often rhymes.
Yesterday’s Tomorrow is a podcast devoted to bringing you diverse takes on the week’s news with a black and white dose of historical context that puts the serious, hilarious and overwhelming events happening every day into perspective. Lucas Wozniak and Joe Heath host a lively discussion with a broad range of voices, replacing the punditry and buzzwords of the ratings-race news era with the kind of debate and substantive focus on issues often missing in the dialogue today.

If you prefer to hear big ideas without a hefty side of self-interested partisanship, Yesterday’s Tomorrow can be your oasis of information in a desert of attempted persuasion without being a bubble or an echo chamber. You can listen to strengthen your existing opinions, but you can also pick up a tip or two about how to win your next argument. On our best days, we may even end up changing your mind about something.
The future is uncertain, but we all know that it’s on its way, and that it can’t be like this. Join us as we talk about where we’ve been, try to figure out where we are, and do our best to decide where we go from here.
It’s a crazy world, and we’re broadcasting it. Welcome to today.